How to get new clients with Facebook Marketing Without any Brand Name?

Are you wandering for new clients?

For a new company getting clients become a very tough task.

IF YOU are going to start a new company or if you have started a company then the main point is  “how to get new clients without any brand name?”

When we plan for any new business then the first thought is to come what should give a name to our business? What logo? Registration and infrastructure?

After this, we search for clients. We start work on cold calling, distributing pamphlet, marketing staff. But we need medium level or huge level money for investing on starting position.

In this post, I will reveal you how you can get new clients without any brand name with facebook marketing. I will also share my story “How one of my clients has generated 100X ROI (Around 4Lakhs) with Facebook Marketing.”

Facebook is the no.1 platform when we talk about the highest amount of social media users.

Facebook has 2.20 billion users in the world and 240 million Indian users and 13 percent increase year over year.

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You can get your initial customers from FB lead ads and give a starting boost to your business.

When you start a new company in the market, people do not accept new people or new company but people always accept new ideas and new innovation in 2018. So what are you waiting for?

Before going dive into this post, I want to tell you that Facebook is a demand-generating platform and your ads should be very creative and give so much value in your ads so your target audience could much more engage and feel a motivation before the click.on your ads.

Now, What is Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook has many types of ads and lead ads is one of the ads of facebook. It is basically for generating leads without any website and landing page in your target audience. Facebook lead ads are based on mobile users but you can also run for desktop users.

Why are lead ads important?

As you know Facebook is demand generating platform so it can give you a boost for your business.When we create ads on Facebook or any other social media channel but we promote a separate webpage or landing page so if anyone clicks on your ads that will redirect the outside of Facebook but in lead ads, the user will not redirect anywhere. Facebook love the ads which do not redirect users the outside of facebook.

In lead ads, when anyone clicks on your ads then a popup open with some necessary question such like Name, Email & Phone No. (Question selection depend on your choice) with a submit button. After submitting the form, your lead will add in the result.

The lead form is mobile friendly and fits on a mobile screen.

How can you create lead ads?

Open your facebook account and go to ads manager (For New User go to advertising or open

Now Click On Lead Generation and enter a campaign name

Choose your Facebook page and accept terms by clicking view terms and accept.

Now Create your target audience under-

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Interest
  • Customer Behaviour

Now Select where you want to show your ads.- Ads Placement (It can be automatic and manual)

  • Automatic: Your ads will show where your audience is likely to hang out.
  • Manually: Select where your ad will show, it may be on news feed, right column, instant article etc.

Set a daily budget for your ads and start and end date of your ads, You can also schedule your ads.

Create a lead from and finish the form.

Now, All Set

You can publish and wait for new leads.

Now I am sharing a story of one of my clients.My client has an ethical hacking institute and they want students for their institute so we started facebook lead ads with a unique concept with an irresistible offer and created a super target audience where conversion rate became much higher.

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