How to Setup Chatbot feature Live On My Website – Step By Step

Hello everyone, Many of you ask about chatbot feature like”How can I have Chatbot feature live on my website?

So I am going to explain all the feature about chatbot and how to set up on a website.

Many tools are available in the market which is providing chatbot services and you don’t need any coding knowledge.

It is a very simple process and here I will explain that how to use chatbot in an effective way so shot back relax and see the rocket science.

Before going setup section, I want to describe uses of chatbot.

Why chatbot?

The chatbot is a very effective way to generate leads and connect with your audience.When someone comes to your blog or website then chatbot active and grab the user attention by your welcome message.

If any user opens and quits after one reply then another message will be also showing on user FB profile so chances are very high to get first lead or attention.

Let’s jump on setup section of chatbot “How to Setup Chat-bot feature Live On My Website?”

  1. Open Chatfuel Website-
  3. Log in to your Facebook Account
  4. Allow with Facebook Login
  5. Connect Your Facebook Page
  6. Create New Bot
  7. Setup your first message as welcome message.
  8. Setup your default message must.
  9. Connect to the page.
  10. Click on grow section and enable the Customer Chat Plugin for your website.
  11. Copy the code and paste into website footer.
  12. Now see the website, your bot is now active.

If you any question leave a comment below.

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