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Choosing right career is a very important thing if you are at the stage of selecting a career.But sometimes it is the very confusing part. Digital Marketing is also one of the most trending careers options so here I will discuss with you the concept of digital marketing.

Pay Attention- This article is not for everyone.This article is for the person who is in these categories 

  1. Students
  2. Professional who want to shift their career.
  3. Entrepreneur

Very first, let me clear that confusion is not the internal part of our mind, it is the part of outside.

So, In this whole article, I will cover the three major question about digital marketing.

  1. What is Digital Marketing?

  2. What is the opportunity for Digital Marketing in India?

  3.  How can you learn Digital Marketing?

So first let’s move on the 1st question- What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the way to the marketing of a products/services to a consumer using online medium and channels.

According To WikipediaDigital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on ….. One, digital marketing is useful for specific categories of products, meaning only consumer goods can be propagated through digital channels.’

People used to watch TV, listen to Radio and read Newspapers.

So companies used to advertise on these channels a lot.

…But now, we the people don’t use TV, Radio and Newspapers anymore, people use a laptop, mobile, tablet.

You are also reading this on one of these devices, Right?

Digital Marketing has made the word with the help of two words Digital+Marketing, SO without understanding marketing, you can’t learn Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing helps to direct interaction with your potential customer.

Marketing run step by step with a proper plan this means sales closing if you have not a clear and proper plan then your all work of marketing will not get the right result, let’s take a real example of life, suppose you want to marry a girl then you will do all activity in proper form, Very first you will go in search of a beautiful girl then find the right girl for you after smile then talk to her then get mobile no. then chatting after dating then propose to the girl then ready to marry her.

In this case-

  • Searching Girl- Traffic
  • Smile & Talk to her – Content (Develope Interest)
  • Get Mobile No.- Lead
  • Chatting- Nurturing
  • Dating – Trust
  • Propose to Girl- Invite for Sale
  • Get to Marry- Sales Close

I am also covering and giving clear crystal difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

[table id=1 /]

I am assuming that these five points have given you clear differences and I am also assuming that now you got the basic information of digital marketing.

Now It’s time to jump on 2nd question –

  • What is the opportunity for Digital Marketing in India?

Before talking about opportunities I want to talk about digital marketer’s work, A Digital Marketer work for growing a business and It is common sense that how many businesses are running in the world and every business needs marketing.

Anyway, I am giving you a practical example.

Search digital marketer or digital marketing in Recruitment portals like and and you can find tons of jobs recruitment regarding digital marketing.

Many people are also affected by rumors that digital marketing is a very risky career but these types of news are fake if any rumor is true so that person doesn’t know digital marking work.

Now many companies are offering above 1 crore for the digital marketer because one thing is common “If you have BMW car but you don’t have fuel then what could you do BMW car” Same way all website, software, and business without marketing that means they are without fuel.So basically you can say that marketing is fuel for business. Still, I want to say that if you want to become digital marketer then leave all things and start your digital marketing learning because your work is for growing revenue of any local business or international business.

Apart from job, you can earn and grow your audience from digital marketing.

(Video Source- Zee Business Youtube)

Now it’s time for move on 3rd and the most important question-

How can you learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is purely practical subject so it doesn’t matter that where and how do you learn digital marketing.You can learn by fast implementing and experimenting.

You can also join a digital marketing institute but although you will have to implement all those things so you can start a blog.In a blog, You can also fast implement and experiment.The more you experiment, the more you learn.

So tell me in the comment section what would your first step?

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