Top 10 Ways to make easy money with a blog for beginners

Top 10 Ways to make easy money with a blog for beginners

If you want to make easy money with a blog online or you want to make money from your home then this 10 best Ways to make money is just for you.I am sharing with you all my best practice earning way and these tactics you can generate easy money for beginners.

Top 10 Ways to make easy money with a blog for beginners

Two years ago, I was also searching many things for earning in an online way sometimes in facebook, in youtube and many other platforms.

But one thing had opened my earning.

In Last 2016, I had started a company with some of my friends but after 6 to 7 month I got failed and lost some money but I have learned many things from that company.I was also designed a website by a developer but the problem is that we didn’t know the abcd of  HTML and CSS language even any technical language so we had to learn the abcd of html and css  in one day. This is not a joke, Actually, the developer had taught us the basic and we were ready to board the plane.

After getting failer, again I was designed a blog for GovtJob information & updates by a developer but I was not getting 1 dollar.Then I had created again a brand new WordPress blog and earn first 471 dollars in 3 months.

During that period, I have used many earning platform for high income but no one has given me up to 20 dollars except these 10 Ways which am I going to share with you.

    1. AdSense: AdSense program is run by Google where you can monetize your blog if you are running a blog.many bloggers give Adsense a high priority because it gives high CTR (CTR- Click through Rate) and you can generate huge amount by showing google ads on your blog.
    2. Affiliate: This is commission based marketing and this is called affiliate marketing.In this system, you can offer to your audience someone’s product.If any sale happens through your affiliate link then you will get a commission for that product. Before Applying for an affiliate program, you would know your audience better in terms of behavior, needs, working profile and their status because The more you know your audience, the better the product you will be able to offer to your audience.You can go many of affiliate programs like Amazon, Clickbank, and so many awesome high paying affiliate program.
    3. Sale own product: If you have own product like a beauty product, furniture or anything you can start a blog related that product and communicate to your audience after giving them offers.
    4.  Paid review: Paid review is also good option to make easy money.Once you have enough audience then you apply for paid review where you would talk about someone’s product it may be tools, ebooks, website and any product. Many people will also offer you to give a review of their product. If you a youtube channel then many offers are available to give a paid review on youtube channel.
    5. Referral programme: This is as like as affiliate program.I am giving an example something like bitcoin. If you have bitcoin then copy own referral code and share with your audience. There are many referral programs in the market like uber, Payoneer, G-Suit, Infolinks and many other programs.
    6. Direct Advertisement: This monetization method is different because there is no third party involved between you and your advertiser.You can google your niche relevant keyword and search advertiser. Sometimes an advertiser can get in touch with you by mail for their ads.
    7. Create own book Books: If you want to become a brand then bookselling, ebooks, a kindle is the best option.Create own book and offer your audience.You can list your book on Amazon and get reviews from your audience.
    8. Services: You can also sell your services like content writing or anything which do you like most.You can also sell many digital marketing services like SEO, SMM etc.Start blog related to your service, educate your audience about your services and this method is something like informing more about your services.When you educate anyone then you grab attention your audience.List your services on the blog and ready to take a project.
    9. Sponsored Blog Post: It is a very popular way to make money for bloggers.Many websites give a third-party sponsored post. It depends on your blog traffic, social media reaches and your popularity.
    10. Sell Blog: It’s ending time of post and it is also the end of your blog where you can sell your blog.Many people are searching a establish blog so here is an opportunity for you, if you want to sell your own blog. Even I had sold my 3 months old blog in 471$.SO if you want to quick money then search right market opportunity and create a brand new blog. After getting some targeted traffic you can list your blog on many seller websites like

Conclusion: In this post, I used many times this word “easy money”  but this word is not meaning of easy money. Actually, Nothing is easy or difficult.Sometimes the same thing is easy for me but that thing is difficult for you.Don’t think about too much money, you should start your blog according to your interesting topic, choose your domain, hosting and start on WordPress because it is easy to use.

Which monetization method should you use?

Leave a Comment your blog topic then I will tell you the best monetization method for you.

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